Hey there!

I’m José Carlos Soage, creator of R CODER, R CHARTS and PYTHON CHARTS. I have a B.A. in Economics and a M.A. in Statistics by the University of Vigo.

I spend most of my time coding. I’m proficient in R and Dart (Flutter) and experienced in Python, JAVA, JavaScript and C++, as well as in HTML, CSS, Markdown, XML and LaTeX. In addition, I develop Wordpress (tweaking + WPO) and HUGO websites.

Consider contacting me if your company or institution is looking for someone with my abilities or if you want to hire me for consultancy or to develop a project.

José Carlos Soage

José Carlos Soage González

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The most popular R libraries I have built are calendR and econocharts. I’ve also helped to create packages that include methodological advances in several fields, such as DTDA.ni, DTDA.cif, Equalden.HD, TwoSampleTest.HD and DiscreteQvalue packages. Moreover, I’m the proud creator of ggbernie and ggcats.

calendR logo

Allows creating fully customizable monthly and yearly calendars for task management, heat maps, or just to print

econocharts logo

Microeconomics and macroeconomics charts based on ggplot2


This web site has been created without any financial support by José Carlos Soage. It was generated with blogdown, an R package which allows creating static web sites using the HUGO generator. The theme of this site is a custom theme inspired by Kross and Academic themes.
The classification of the charts is based on the Financial Times visual vocabulary.
Acknowledgements to Diego Hernangómez for his numerous contributions to the "Spatial" section of this web site.