Welcome to R CHARTS! On this site you will find code examples of R graphs made with base R graphics, ggplot2 and other packages. Feel free to contribute suggesting new visualizations or fixing any bug via GitHub


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Base R

R comes with a default package named {base}. This package contains functions to create lots of different statistical charts in addition to other functions to customize the plots or to add more elements, such as points, texts, legends or lines

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ggplot2 is the most popular alternative to base R graphics. It is based on the Grammar of Graphics and its main advantage is its flexibility, as you can create and customize the graphics adding more layers to it. This library allows creating ready-to-publish charts easily

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The leaflet package allows you to create dynamic and interactive maps using the Leaflet JavaScript library. Through layers, leaflet will allow adding a multitude of elements, such as shapefiles, geojson files and other geometries, circles, rectangles or markers in order to display our data and interact with them


This site has been created to be a reference for learning how to create charts in R as well as a place to look for inspiration.
If you are an R package developer you can suggest me to add examples of your packages related to graphs and charts. You will get more visibility and more people will know your work. Check how to contribute in the repository of this project.

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